Uniform Tracking Software For

Your Organization

You are an organization that orders branded uniforms or equipment periodically from one or more suppliers. You spend too much time tracking what each employee has previously ordered and when or what they can order next.
qUniform Features

Nearly Unlimited Allotment Rules

Super-flexible rule creation
qUniform Nearly Unlimited Allotment Rules
No matter how complex the rules are for your organization’s uniform program, qUniform can handle it! Create an unlimited number of rules from among our list of hundreds of configuration options.
Track employee allotments by:
  • Budget, units, points, product groups
  • Assign uniforms by job type, department, location, or any custom criteria
  • Use calendar or anniversary-based renewal periods
  • Enforce maximums/minimums
  • Apply block-out periods
  • Allow specific employee/group overrides or exceptions
  • Rollover unused balances or not
  • Automatically switch rules based on time or custom criteria
  • Allow excess purchases or not
  • Or use combinations of any of the above!

Employee Orders

Employees can see their own personal catalog
Employees log in from their desktop or mobile and will see their own catalog (i.e. their uniform allotment program) with all ordering rules in place. Or, managers can act on behalf of their employees. The employee’s order history and current allotment status including how much they have used and what is available for them to buy is always displayed. Order can be placed securely and directly for delivery or pickup based on their allotment program’s configuration. Optional and configurable manager approval is also available.
qUniform Employee Orders
qUniform Create a private store

Create a private store

Give your employees access to branded supplies
Give employees a private, curated selection of corporate branded products that they can buy. Access can be restricted using a number of options from valid email domains, community passwords, or SSO.

Advanced Technology

Important features your IT department will approve
qUniform has all the features and requirements you and your IT department demand including:
  • Secure, private online ordering
  • Mobile optimized
  • PCI compliant
  • GDPR, CCPA, and PIPEDA compliant
  • ADA compliant
  • Supports integration with HR, ERP, WMS, and POS systems
  • Supports SSO
  • Secure, cloud-based technology with nothing to install
  • Optional on-premise licensed install available
  • Full programatic access via Web API or XML
  • Ability to upload/download data via spreadsheets
  • Full transaction history always available, even for inactive accounts
  • Notifications by Email & SMS

Automated Workflows

Assign groups by almost any criteria
Automatically assign uniformed staff based on definable criteria. Use location, seniority, unit, service level, or any other criteria. Automatically reassign staff to a different uniform allotment group based on predefied rules as staff get promoted or change assignments.

Inventory Management

Control SKU availability
Let qUniform assist you with managing your inventory for your uniform and equipment components. Click on the inventory management tab and instantly see your list of items that are below your pre-set minimum inventory levels. Restrict ordering when available stock is below preset safety levels.

Product Management

Simple and flexible product configuration and management. Product descriptions, colors, images, SKUs and pricing – including oversized pricing, can be easily imported into the system using our Onboarding tools. Use the global product catalog for ease of management and still have the flexibility to override pricing, images, embellishments, and other characteristics down to the account or uniform allotment level.


Our embellishment module allows you to configure multiple embellishments per item. You can specify additional pricing and whether embellishments are required or optional.

Personalized Catalogs

qUniform enables you to easily create individual curated catalogs for an unlimited number of employee uniform groups within each organization. Each item can have its own dedicated embellishment requirements.

Fulfillment Module

The fulfillment module allows your customer service team and your warehouse staff to track and process all orders and administer their status, including handling shipment, returns & replacements. This module can be integrated with and used in coordination with your existing warehouse management system (WMS).

Supervisor Controls

Supervisors have full visibility of their employees’ uniform allotment history and current status. Supervisors can be configured to approve orders, order on behalf of their employees, and modify individual employee budgets and allotment allocations.

Multi-Currency and Local Taxes

Support for multi-national organziations including supporting employees that shop in different currencies, and calculating taxes based on your configurable tax nexuses and the shipping locations.

Public Storefront

Build a beautiful eCommerce storefront for public access to your product catalog for consumers and customers without corporate uniform programs. Manage the public catalog using the same qUniform product catalog and configuration tools you’re already familiar with. Process orders from the public storefront through the same workflow as corporate uniform program orders.Coming in 2022

Sizing and Alterations

Record employee measurements manually, or use optional digital sizing to automatically match the best fit to each employee. Or, enable recording of alteration information right in the order. Configure the application to limit orders to the determined size, the last size ordered, or within one size up/down.

Charge Shipping

Automatically calculate and charge shipping based on a fixed rate, a percentage of sale, or by using either your own carrier account or carrier retail prices with common carriers including Fedex, UPS, USPS, Canada Post, Purolator, and more. Optionally integrate with ShipStation®.

Manage Delivery/Pickup

Configure flexible delivery or pickup options including pre-determined delivery locations by employee, ability to choose between authorized locations, or allow any address with integrated Google® address validation.

Email/SMS Confirmations

Use system-generated templates or create your own templates for email and/or SMS order and pickup/delivery confirmations.

Flexible Reporting

Report on any employee for any period, even if the employee is no longer active. Reports can be filtered or sorted by flexible criteria that you can define. Report subjects include order history, product history, employee allotment status, and more.

Payment Processing

You can allow employees to order in excess of their allotments, or you can configure no-limit allotments or allotments with no subsidy that require employees to pay with a credit card at checkout. We already support many popular payment processors, or you can get setup for payment processing in minutes directly through qUniform.

Simple Order Tracking

Regardless of the number of suppliers your company works with, qUniform can organize all employee orders by supplier – how you need it. Our Fullfillment module permits you and/or your supplier(s) to view and manage employee orders, shipments and returns.

Easy-to-Use Console

No IT experience required here! qUniform’s management console is easy to use to setup products, categories, and allotments — even with complex rules! Manage employees through spreadsheet imports or through direct integration.

Multiple suppliers and Lot Control

If you source the same product from multiple suppliers, our optional lot control will track inventory from each supplier and ensure that stock is allocated on a first-in first-out basis.

Bulk and Combined Orders

Allow supervisors or administrators to place bulk orders for general stock that does not affect employee allotments, or allow them to easily and quickly place one combined order for multiple employees with individual sizes and item selections all in a single transaction.

Item Serialization

Control allocation of serialized items. Record return of serialized items at end of life or employee termination. This ensures that you have a record of what unit was allocated to a specific employee.


qUniform comes preloaded with English, Spanish, and French translations. More languages will be added in time. The user may use the system in any language that you have enabled.

Run In-Cloud or On-Site

qUniform has been designed to work as a SAAS (Software as a service) running on our secure cloud platform. qUniform is also available in an Enterprise version for organizations that required installation their own proprietary servers.

Free Setup Uniform Program

Free Setup and Onboarding

With a one year subscription we offer free setup and onboarding!  This is a minimum $1250.00 USD value!!

Some conditions apply.