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Easily control employee allotment programs


What is qUniform?

Powerful tools to help your organization handle uniform allotments smarter and more efficiently

qUniform takes full control of your employee’s allotment program. qUniform empowers you to better manage all employee allotment programs not only ensuring that each employee has the appropriate uniform & equipment components, but that your organization is saving time & money.

Our platform allows you to track each employee, direct order placement, real-time inventory and it fits any size organization.


News & Views

qUniform might just be the best solution for uniform and equipment distribution during this worldwide crisis.

I urge folks responsible for health and safety equipment distribution to reach out to us and discuss how we can help. Please forward this to someone who can benefit from this service. qUniform might just be the best solution for uniform and equipment distribution...

What the Heck are Uniform Allotments Anyway?

I’m glad you asked. A uniform allotment is the collection of products, clothing, footwear, & equipment that, together, make up the kit that an employee must have to do their job. Done?  Not so fast there, bucko! Think of it like in those old war movies, the...

qUniform v.8 is here!

We are excited to announce that the qUniform upgrade to version 8.0 went smoothly this morning! Our customers around the world will be waking up to a sharp new interface and a bundle of new features! #Uniforms #quniform #uniformsoftware #simboliq

I could have a Q8!!

qUniform Version 8 is coming this month We here at SimboliQ have been working hard to prepare the next exciting release of qUniform.  The new version comes with an updated interface that is cleaner, quicker and more intuitive than ever!  As well, we have a...

Welcome to qUniform!

qUniform has been empowering companies to manage their uniform programs for more than 15 years. qUniform was developed to meet all the specific needs of the uniform supplier and uniformed organization. Today, thanks to our clients’ valuable input, qUniform has become an industry software pioneer in uniform allotment management.

What’s your fit?

qUniform allows you to apply uniform supply programs from various points along the supply chain.

Uniformed Organization

qUniform helps you manage uniform & equipment distribution within your organization. Distribution rules can be managed down to the job description level!


qUniform AtWork

Retailer, Supplier, Distributer

qUniform helps you to extend distribution and management of uniform products to your customers’ employees. Providing clear reporting and easy to use management tools!


Retail Manufacturer Distributor

Flexible Allotment Rules

Units? Budget? Points?
A combination within the same allotment? qUniform can handle it all. Regardless of the rules, qUniform gives you the power to manage any customer – big or small – with one software.

Integration with Your Tools

qUniform is designed to fit right in with most organization’s ERP, HR system, QuickBooks or other software; and, with online payment processors.

Run In-Cloud or On-Site

qUniform has been designed to work as a SAAS (Software as a service) running on our secure cloud platform. qUniform Enterprise is available for organizations that required installation their own proprietary servers.

qUniform empowered companies

Reduce time and costs managing employee uniform & equipment allotments