The Solution for :

You are a uniform supplier that needs to manage uniform programs for each of your customers. You spend too much time tracking what each employee has previously ordered and when or what they can order next. You can't respond effectively to RFPs because you can't meet the software or technology requirements.

qUniform will handle all that for you.

Read on below to learn how configurable and powerful this
uniform management software is and why you need it.

Employee Orders

Employees see their own catalog
Employees log in from their desktop or mobile and will see their own catalog (i.e. their uniform allotment program) with all ordering rules in place. Or, managers can act on behalf of their employees. The employee's order history and current allotment status including how much they have used and what is available for them to buy is always displayed. Order can be placed securely and directly for delivery or pickup based on their allotment program's configuration. Optional and configurable manager approval is also available.

Super-flexible rule creation

Nearly Unlimited Allotment Rules
Track employee allotments by:
  • Budget, units, points, product groups

  • Assign uniforms by job type, department, location, or any custom criteria

  • Use calendar or anniversary-based renewal periods

  • Enforce maximums/minimums

  • Apply block-out periods

  • Allow specific employee/group overrides or exceptions

  • Rollover unused balances or not

  • Automatically switch rules based on time or custom criteria

  • Allow excess purchases or not

  • Or use combinations of any of the above!


Private curated stores

Give each customer a private store
Create a store for each customer simply by creating a new customer entry -- no setup or per-account charges. Employees will see only what they are allowed to purchase when they login. You control the product selection, prices, and program rules. Each store is private, will have its own URL, and you can control access with usernames, email addresses, or with single sign on (SSO) through their corporate network.

Win uniform RFPs and quotes

We have the features customers demand
Now you can say yes to every RFP requirement including:
  • Reporting by employee, product, allotment group

  • Full transaction history always available

  • Secure, private online ordering

  • Mobile optimized

  • Email & SMS confirmations

  • Allow ordering beyond allotment limit paid with a credit card

  • PCI compliant

  • Supports integration with HR and ERP systems

  • Secure, cloud-based technology with nothing to install

Customized Experience

Each Customer Is Unique.
Administrators can customize the look & feel of the site to display logos, colors, and content specific to each customer
  • Customer specific item images

  • Categories

  • Manager approval

  • Bulk ordering

  • User restricted access

  • Allow employee order in excess of allotment

  • Credit card payment or payroll deduction for excess purchasing

  • Purchase order requirements

  • Delivery / pickup

  • Self or pre-registration

  • Customized page and email content

  • Multiple ordering layout

  • Colors / fonts

  • Custom URL

  • Single sign on

  • Co-branding

Advanced Technology

Important features your IT department will approve
qUniform has all the features and requirements you and your IT department demand including:
  • Secure, private online ordering

  • Mobile optimized

  • PCI compliant

  • GDPR, CCPA, and PIPEDA compliant

  • ADA compliant

  • Supports integration with HR, ERP, WMS, and POS systems

  • Supports SSO

  • Secure, cloud-based technology with nothing to install

  • Optional on-premise licensed install available

  • Full programatic access via Web API or XML

  • Ability to upload/download data via spreadsheets

  • Full transaction history always available, even for inactive accounts

  • Notifications by Email & SMS

Automated Workflows

Assign groups by almost any criteria
Automatically assign uniformed staff based on definable criteria. Use location, seniority, unit, service level, or any other criteria. Automatically reassign staff to a different uniform allotment group based on predefined rules as staff get promoted or change assignments. Easily manage employees through uploads, or through integration with our robust API.

Nearly Unlimited Allotment Rules

Super-flexible rule creation
Automatically assign uniformed staff based on definable criteria. Use location, seniority, unit, service level, or any other criteria. Automatically reassign staff to a different uniform allotment group based on predefied rules as staff get promoted or change assignments.

Inventory Management

Control SKU availability
Let qUniform assist you with managing your inventory for your uniform and equipment components. Click on the inventory management tab and instantly see your list of items that are below your pre-set minimum inventory levels. Restrict ordering when available stock is below preset safety levels.

Embellishments & Alterations

Provide configurable products
Our embellishment module allows you to configure multiple customizations per item. You can specify additional pricing and whether they are required or optional. As well you can specify any alterations required for the garment.

Item Serialization

Track individual allocated items
Control allocation of serialized items. Record return of serialized items at end of life or employee termination. This ensures that you have a record of what unit was allocated to a specific employee.

Sizing and Alterations

Charge Shipping

Manage Delivery/Pickup

Email/SMS Confirmations

Flexible Reporting

Payment Processing

Easy-to-Use Console

Personalized Catalogs

Fulfillment Module

Bulk and Combined Orders



Product Management

Run In-Cloud or On-Site

Supervisor Controls

Multi-Currency and Local Taxes

Public Storefront

Simple Order Tracking

Multiple suppliers and Lot Control

Item Serialization

Product Management

Employee Orders