What the heck are Uniform Allotments anyway?

I’m glad you asked.

A uniform allotment is the collection of products, clothing, footwear, & equipment that, together, make up the kit that an employee must have to do their job.

Done? Not so fast there, bucko!

Think of it like in those old war movies, the pile of stuff the new recruit is given at boot camp is their allotment.

How do you manage all that?
Short answer is qUniform!

What happens to this stuff when is gets torn/broken/worn out? How does the supply officer keep track of who has what? How do they know what an individual should have, by rank, job description, deployment? The qUniform management system would be able to give him this information, and more!

Here’s another twist. Items in a uniform allotment may be expected to be replaced at differing intervals. For instance Airline maintenance staff may be given a parka that is expected to last 2 years, but also overalls that might be expected to last only 3 months before needing replacement. Using a combination of Allotment types this can all be easily identified and managed!

Allotment types!! What?! – That’s a story for another blog..

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