So long Lenny.

In 2000 Ken, along with Leonard Greenfield founded, the software development firm SimboliQ.  SimboliQ found success over the 22 years that it was in business due to the unique combination skills brought to bear by the two partners.  Ken, as president, was responsible for the creative solutions to problems, that Leonard, as vice-president, brought in from customers.  Together they would work to understand and provide solutions to the challenges of their clients’ businesses.

Leonard had a way with people.  He was not precisely a salesman.  His approach was always consultative.  In this way, Leonard could demonstrate his deep understanding of the issues, and provide expert solutions based on a vast experience.  People trusted Leonard.

Unfortunately, Leonard passed away suddenly, and unexpectedly in January 2022.  There was an immediate outpouring of warmth and respect from clients, friend and the business community that surrounded him.

The loss to Ken was enormous.  Not only did he lose a business partner responsible for sales and finance.  Ken also lost a friend of nearly 55 years.  Ken & Len (KLen) were friends from 5 years of age.

Ken decided that SimboliQ had to close its doors.

The staff and clients of SimboliQ were clear.  They wanted to continue to work together.  They had built a family over the years!  They knew this would be tough, as no one person could replace the space left by Leonard’s absence.  However, they knew that, working together, a new family could be established.

In March 2022, Ken Elman, and the Development team from SimboliQ decided to reform as Iterum Software.  This ensured the continuity of service to all clients.  One of the most important features was the way that Iterum has restructured the management and development of qUniform.  The two most senior members of the SimboliQ team have taken reigns of qUniform and Iterum Dev.  Ken is working on sales and administration.  With strong new management tools and support from the professional community we are growing stronger each day.

For today, we will say adieu to Leonard Greenfield.  We will remember fondly how his warmth and self-deprecating sense of humour made us all feel that we had a friend who wanted to help.  We hope that he has a good network connection, wherever he is.

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