Uniformed Organizations

Manage your employee uniform and equipment programs more effectively

How are you tracking your employees’ uniforms and equipment? Do you know who had ordered what component? Are employees going over their allotment or not ordering often or enough? Is uniform and equipment inventory management and order processing constantly interfering with your daily operations?

Bottom line: If you are not using a uniform and equipment management system like qUniform, you are probably spending too much time and money. What’s more, you may be compromising your organization’s image.

Centralized data always at your fingertips

With qUniform, all your uniform and equipment data is conveniently organized and stored in the system. Thanks to its intuitive design, you can easily upload an employee list and input complete uniform and equipment information, from style numbers, color codes, and descriptions, to product suppliers, sizes, prices, and images.

Group employees and their programs into unlimited customized categories and subcategories—by department, gender, location, or any way you choose. Create limitless allotment rules for each category/employee, including anniversary dates, dollars, points, min/max, or any combination thereof.

A streamlined approach to employee ordering

Once qUniform is set up, you can choose to preregister your employees or have them register themselves. Your employees log in and place their own orders securely and directly through the website for delivery or pickup. They are shown the specific uniform and equipment related to them, along with order history, size history, customization and embroidery options, and current allotment status.

If permitted, an employee who is over their allotment will see how much it will cost to order extra items. Once the employee orders the items, the system can process the payment through integrated payroll deductions or online credit card/PayPal payment.

For additional supervision, you can implement manager controls. Employee orders can require manager approvals before being submitted. Also, managers can view an employee’s full history and submit orders on their behalf.

Order tracking made easy

For a complete picture of orders past. present, and pending, you can quickly access the Orders section to view employee order history, order status, and size history. If an employee switches to a new department, you can transfer all employee history into the new group. This will help your company save money, make better decisions, and improve ordering, production and delivery.

Knowing what’s in stock ensures timely delivery

qUniform features essential inventory management tracking to ensure that your employees order and receive their uniform and equipment as quickly as possible. Click on the inventory management tab and instantly see a list of items by supplier that are below your preset minimum inventory levels. Set up automatic purchase orders for low-stock items. You can also enable your suppliers to view their current inventory in qUniform and keep on top of quantities.

Complete integration with your organization’s internal systems

qUniform is designed to fit right in with your organization’s ERP, including purchasing and payroll; Quickbooks or any other POS software; and, with any online payment processor. It is even possible to connect your suppliers to qUniform so they can monitor orders and inventory, and respond quickly.

qUniform can be used in such industries as:
  • Public safety
  • Medical
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Airlines
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Oil, gas, mining (flame-resistant)
  • Manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Transportation and warehousing
  • Sales wholesale
  • Sales retail
  • Service Industries
Finally, powerful uniform software designed to easily manage your company uniforms.