Uniform Suppliers

Manage your customers’ uniform & equipment allotment programs & gain a competitive edge

Are you looking for ways to be more competitive in the uniform and equipment supply industry, especially when everyone is selling a lot of the same products?

Look no further than qUniform. This complete management software program can transform your customer service from good to unbelievably great, and help you pursue new corporate accounts with confidence.

With qUniform, you can offer your customers an invaluable way to set up and run their simple to highly-complex allotment programs from your website. The software’s flexible and intuitive features enable you to easily set up programs any way your customers choose. And, once your business starts to grow, you can set up as many accounts as you need at no additional cost.

The sky’s the limit for allotment rules

qUniform’s adaptability gives you the tools to meet RFP online ordering, reporting, and collective bargaining agreement requirements without breaking into a sweat.

You can combine dollars, points, or specific units—even within the same allotment. Create
subgroups of selectable products. Enforce maximum or minimum purchase rules. Apply anniversary dates down to the individual SKU/acquisition. And much more.

Tailor your customers’ experience to match their needs

With hundreds of available options, qUniform enables you to customize your customers’ programs exactly the way they want. If your customer can describe it, most likely you can set it upper-registration in qUniform.

  • Manager approval
  • Delivery / pickup
  • Self or preregistration
  • Custom URL
  • SSO
  • Co-branding
  • Multiple ordering layout
  • Bulk order
  • Allow or restrict access
  • Payment or payroll deduction
A streamlined approach to customer ordering

qUniform enables you to easily create customized catalogs for customers and each of their employee groups. This will save ordering time and takes the guesswork out of which uniform and equipment components belong to which employee department or group.

Your customers can choose to preregister their employees or have them register themselves. Your employees log in and place their own orders securely and directly through the website for delivery or pickup. They are shown the specific items related to them, along with order history, customization and embroidery options, and current allotment status.

Depending how you have set up the customer’s program, an employee can see if they are over their allotment and how much it will cost them to order extra items. If the employee decides to purchase the item, qUniform will process the payment through integrated customer payroll deductions, purchase orders. or online credit card/PayPal payment.

For added supervision, you can implement manager controls. Direct employee orders can require manager approvals before being submitted. Also, managers can view an employee’s full uniform history and submit orders on their behalf.

Order tracking: past, present, and pending

For a comprehensive overview of orders, your customers can quickly access employee order history, order status, and size history. If an employee switches to a new department, you can transfer all employee history into the new group. This will help your customers make better decisions, save money, and improve uniform ordering, production and delivery.

Complete integration with your company’s internal systems

Never miss invoicing another order again. Orders that are generated from qUniform can feed directly into your order invoicing system. In fact, every feature and all of the data are accessible to you in qUniform. That means you can send data into or extract data from qUniform. This gives you the confidence that allotment and other business rules will always be applied.

Finally, a powerful and adaptable software designed to grow your company and delight your customers.