Benefits of qUniform

Dedicated software to manage easy or a complex uniform allotment programs

Why Our Clients Use qUniform

  • Manage Corporate Uniform Programs with ease and complete flexibility
  • A user-friendly, reliable, logical and intuitive system
  • Easily create customized catalogs for customers and each of their employee groups
  • Provide customers with visibility into order status and order history
  • Hundreds of configurable options allow you to tailor each situation to your customers’ needs
  • Checkout options including payroll deductions or immediate / delayed online payment
  • Complete integration through an extensive API with access to every function and data element
  • Extensive reporting capabilities

Why Their Customers Use qUniform

  • Uniform programs can match with your customer’s rules, and can even meet their complex collective bargaining agreement requirements
  • Employees can place their own uniform orders securely through the website for delivery or pickup
  • Employees can easily see their order history and their current entitlement status including how much they have used, and what is left or available for them to buy
  • Ordering is made easier and more accurate by remembering employee sizes, and guiding the employee through customization and embroidery options
  • Managers can view an employee’s full uniform history and can submit orders on behalf of an employee
  • Employees’ orders can require manager approval before being submitted
  • Customers have access to their status and history through meaningful reports.