qUniform At Work

Take Full Control of your Employee Allotment Programs


qUniform empowers your organization to take control of uniform allotments and procurements – saving time and money and ensuring that each employee has the right uniform and equipment respecting the allotment rules.

Each industry has its own specific requirements. qUniform is tailored to manage uniform allotment programs that fits your organization’s unique needs. qUniform has successfully managed uniform programs in the following sectors:

The qUniform Advantage

Unlimited Allotment Rules

Put into place as many sets of allotment rules necessary. Regardless if your organization tracks allotments by units, budget or points, qUniform empowers you to manage these programs by each employee, position, department, location and region.

Employee Orders

Your employees log in on their computer or mobile and will see their own “catalogue”, i.e. their allotment program, with all ordering rules in place. Employees can easily see their order history (along with their size history, customization and embroidery options) and current entitlement status including how much they have used, and what is left or available for them to buy. They can order securely and directly for delivery or pickup.

Supervisor Controls

Your supervisors will have full visibility of their employees’ uniform allotment history and current status. Supervisors will also be able to proxy as their employee and order on their behalf. Supervisors can also manage their employees’ employment status directly within qUniform. Employees’ orders can require manager approval before being submitted.

Simple Order Tracking

Regardless of the number of suppliers your company works with, qUniform will organize all employee orders by supplier – how you need it. Our Cashier module permits you and/or your supplier(s) to view and manage employee orders, shipments and returns.

Easy to Use Console

No IT experience required here! qUniform’s console is easy to use to setup each item and category, import and manage employees and setup as many allotments as required.

Visibility of your Uniform Inventory

Let qUniform assist you with managing your inventory for your uniform and equipment components. Click on the inventory management tab and instantly see your list of items that are below your pre-set minimum inventory levels.

Integration with Tools You Already Use

qUniform is designed to fit right in with most organization’s ERP, HR system, QuickBooks or other software; and, with online payment processors. It is even possible to connect your suppliers to qUniform so they can monitor orders and inventory and respond quickly.

Run In-Cloud or On-Site

qUniform has been designed to work as a SAAS (Software as a service) running on our secure cloud platform. qUniform Enterprise is available for organizations that required installation their own proprietary servers.