Simple, fair pricing.

Different businesses need different features, and access to different levels of support and resources. We give you the option to decide what features you need.

Business grade quality for all plans.

Included In All Plans

Account Configurations

Configure employees, managers, content including email confirmation text, languages, URL, password, ordering restrictions/required approvals, shipping & taxes

Allotment Configurations

Any combination of Budget, Point, Unit, Category, Calendar/Anniversary. Allow/Deny excess, Configure roll-forwards at end of periods, minimums/maximums, and much more. Self-registration and no-limit allotments are available as an option.

Product Configurations

Account-specific prices, allotment-specific colors and embellishments, size ranges, descriptions, images


Report to PDF or export to Microsoft Excel for transaction history, allotment status, contract status, employee status, etc.


Choose from among these options to add value to your users and grow your business. All fees Are monthly.

Open Catalog


Availability : All Plans

Allow unknown users to visit a specified URL and self-register. This feature also supports no-limit allotments where a user can order any quantity and for any amount, as long as they either (a) have the assigned athority to charge the company, or (b) pay with a credit card.

Additional Users

$25 / block of 500 users

Availability : Standard Plus Pro

An active user is a user that can login and/or has an active allotment, plus the total of all users that are not currently active but have had orders placed against their allotment through qUniform within the previous 12 months. The indicated price is for increases of active employees in 500-user increments up to 10,000 active users. Additional discounts are available beyond 10,000 users.

Advanced Inventory Management


Availability : Plus Pro

Advanced inventory includes the ability to apply sales to individual lots, manage inventory in multiple locations, get ordering recommendations by supplier, view predictive ordering/manufacturing recommendations based on history of ordered sizes.

B2C Storefront


Availability : Pro

Build a beautiful eCommerce storefront for public access using all of the same tools and data you already use in qUniform for your corporate uniform program.

qUniform API


Availability : Standard Plus Pro

Easily integrate qUniform with all your internal systems. Our Web API supports sending and extracting orders, employees, products, inventory, sizes, and more.

Custom Payment Gateways

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Availability : Plus Pro

Chances are we've already done an integration to your payment gateway. If not, we can easily set you up with one we have or consult to build an integration for yours.

3rd Party Tools

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Availability : Plus Pro

We have built integration with a bunch of tools to enhance your system. Tools like ShipStation, TaxJar, and Sizer.Me can help to take qUniform to another level of integrated utility.

Supplier Portals

$50 / per Supplier

Availability : Plus Pro

If you are a company that purchases uniforms from multiple suppliers, you can give each supplier a portal so they can review and manage the items your employees order that they will supply.

System Integrations

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Availability : Plus Pro

With the qUniform Web API you can easily integrate qUniform with your company's ERP, WMS, HR or other systems. Download/upload orders and order updates, manage employee lists, create and manage products and stock levels, manage categories, size ranges, and more. Integration features are also available through spreadsheet upload if API integration is not available for your internal systems.


We are dedicated to getting you up and running smoothly on qUniform.

One-time setup fee* $1,250

As part of getting you set up and working includes helping you gather all the necessary information and configuring your first account for you.

Optional assistance onboarding additional accounts* $1,000

Benefit from our expertise! We're available to help you with account and allotment rule configuration for more complex situations or if you just want us to handle it. This service is optional as you have full access and control to all the same qUniform tools and features that we use to onboard accounts.

On-Premises installation **

qUniform can be installed on your own servers with a perpetual license fee instead of monthly payments. As us for details.

Small print
* Account onboarding included with the setup fee or optionally available for additional accounts has the following limits: up to 3 allotments, up to 2,500 employees, up to 80 products. Additional fees apply for account onboarding beyond those limits.
** Pro plan only.
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