The Bassman

Mar 4, 2020

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I’m the Bassman! Why am I telling you this? It’s because it’s who I am in life, and in business. Also I’m hoping that my story can help you make sense of your life. And maybe help me make sense of mine!

I have many things in my life,

Orderly at Hospital, Stock person, stacking console TVs, Salesman Selling Walkmen at a stereo store, IT guy at Schmatah Company, Operations guy at a Shoe Manufacturer,

Finally, Husband, Dad, Company owner

Throughout all that time I have always been the Bassman, (Although for a time I was referred to as Brainiac, but that’s another article)

I have always taken the time to play bass in local bar bands and to spend some time practicing and learning new skills. I’m a decent player, solid, not too flashy. I can’t “slap” for S@#t. 

What I’ve learned as the Bassman is that I can lead from the back of the stage. The bass player provides at least 2 important things for a band 1) Bass defines the chords being played by the Guitars, 2) Bass establishes the speed and rhythm with the drummer. As well,  I have more freedom to explore musical possibilities from back there. And yet, I have had people come up to me at the end of a gig and ask, “What sound does your instrument make?”. No worries!

In business I feel the same imperative. I need to help define the chords that are played by the rest of my team.  I may or may not germinate an idea, however my input will define its place within our company. As well I set the pace and rhythm of the company. I see myself in the office as the cheerleader, promoting the work of my staff and partners.

At home I take a similar role, my wife & kids are rockstars! I just try to keep the music pumping. I am there to hold down the beat & key and let them solo. More so now with adult kids that ever before.

Music, as with Life, has many modes. It’s important to be able to switch between them to be the best you can be for any given situation, (however you can skip the Locrian mode, who needs that?). This means spending some time getting to know these modes and how to best support your team!

Rock on!

Ken, The Bassman

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